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Elevate your leadership skills with a human-centric approach

Decoding Human-Centric Leadership 
Developing Multi-Dimensional Awareness & Harnessing Collective Wisdom 

The rise of the transcendence leader coach

This Wonderful book shows you how to embark on a transformative leadership journey, nurture your self-confidence and feel empowered like never before. You learn that you have no limits.​

Announcing the Game-Changer:

Your Blueprint to Mastering A Unique Framework for Extraordinary Leadership.

Welcome to the era of Neo-Leadership, where traditional norms are left behind, and a new paradigm emerges. "The Rise of the Transcendence Leader Coach" unveils the essential framework for authentic leaders striving for optimal results, efficiency, and profitability.

Experience a profound shift in your leadership style with this impactful book. It equips you with multi-dimensional awareness, cultivating resilience and empowering you to harness the collective wisdom of your team. Beyond that, it mentors you to embody leadership that nurtures a culture of creativity and innovation, fundamentally reshaping your approach to leading.

This book is your guide to unlocking untapped potential within yourself and those you lead.

Prepare for a transformative experience with this book, as it reshapes your approach to leadership.

“The Rise of The Transcendence Leader Coach” will help you delve into a profound exploration that unravels the intricate relationship between culture, systems, and the evolution of leadership to uncover profound insights that reveal the dynamic impact these elements exert on leadership development. Above all, it will lead you to recognize and embrace the universal pillars that possess the extraordinary ability to transcend the boundaries of cultures and formal systems.

Dealing with the complexities of managing a multicultural team and seeking effective strategies to unlock their full potential?

  • Navigating uncertainties about your leadership capabilities and looking for ways to enhance them?
  • Encountering challenges in relying on your team for consistent and successful project deliveries?
  • Experiencing a lack of confidence in meeting KPIs and driving tangible results within your team?
  • Curious about the essential leadership skills to incorporate in order to optimize your team’s capabilities and overall potential?

While reading this book, you will:

You will not be the same leader by
the time you finish this book

In ‘The Rise of The Transcendence Leader Coach’, the author delivers actionable insights and concrete frameworks, facilitating the swift and impactful implementation of his visionary leadership principles. Emphasizing the cultivation of enduring behaviors, this guide reshapes perceptions of leadership effectiveness, both for oneself and among peers. Going beyond conventional paradigms, it illuminates the essential skills requisite for leadership success across diverse industries.
The book unravels the indispensable framework that is imperative for every authentic leader aspiring to achieve desired outcomes, elevate efficiency, and foster profitability by cultivating an environment that breeds future leaders. This insightful guide serves as the blueprint, empowering you to evolve into a Neo-Leader, grounded in trust rather than authority, transcending the conventional notions of leadership based on position or power in order to experience the transformative journey outlined within, leading with authenticity and influence.
Multi-Dimensional Awareness
Explore an expanded consciousness that transcends conventional perspectives, enabling you to perceive and navigate complex situations with depth and insight.

Collective Wisdom
Tap into the combined knowledge and experience of your team, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives contribute to innovative solutions and informed decision-making.

Positive Reinforcement
Unveil the principles of leadership centered around human values and potential. This groundbreaking book provides a comprehensive guide to harnessing the transformative power of human-centric leadership, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and individual growth.
Human-Centric Leadership
Delve into a set of principles that prioritize human values, emphasizing empathy, authenticity, and a deep understanding of individual and collective needs.
This approach fosters a positive and empowering leadership style.
Leading from Within
Empower yourself to initiate positive change by understanding and leveraging your intrinsic qualities and values. This approach encourages authentic leadership that emanates from a deep connection with one's inner convictions.
Transformative Leadership
Navigate the journey towards unshakeable self-confidence and empowerment with insights from this remarkable book.
Learn how to lead in a way that transforms not only your own perspective but also the dynamics within your team.

A Unique Framework for Extraordinary Leadership

Discover a distinctive and effective framework that goes beyond typical leadership models.
This book provides practical guidance for cultivating extraordinary leadership skills,
offering a roadmap for success in a rapidly evolving world.

The six pillars of the Transcendence Leader-Coach mindset will pave the way for leaders to manifest sixteen competencies essential for each leader.


Acknowledging the current reality, accepting changes, and facing challenges with a sense of fulfillment define a leader's gratitude. This gratitude extends throughout the journey, not just upon reaching goals, fostering a positive environment for all.


Cultivating a contented working environment emanates from internal beliefs, leading to heightened happiness, openness, and focus. This state enhances productivity and efficiency.


Maintaining a positive mindset involves emphasizing strengths over weaknesses. Leaders acknowledge negativity but prioritize the positive, leveraging past experiences to influence a favorable environment.


Empowering others, fostering collaboration, and embracing continuous development define the growth mindset. Leaders with this mindset believe in the potential for everyone to grow and evolve.


Leaders with an abundance mindset approach challenges as opportunities, fostering stability and belief within the organization. This outlook promotes job security, progression, and overall growth.


Leaders embrace the present while keeping an eye on the future, mastering adaptation as a natural part of evolution, so the art of adaptation becomes synonymous with progress and growth.

Hello, i am

Ihab Badawi

Corporate Advisor & Master Certified Coach

With over 22 years of corporate experience spanning 58 countries, I have dedicated my focus to enhancing organizational leadership.

After restructuring international operations into a multinational management standard, my passion for supporting organizations in culture re-engineering projects emerged.

As the founder of Interactive Business Gears (IBG), I consult for international firms, providing advisory services, training, and development to optimize human capital.

My unique approach involves coaching leaders in the Transcendence Leader Coach method, challenging the status quo, and fostering a transformational journey for both personal and professional success. 

I have founded The Coaches Circle Academy CCA, to support in developing professional and masterful coaches capable of spreading the Transcendence  Leader-Coach approach and support organizations in their culture re-engineering efforts. 

Transform Your Leadership Approach with

"The Rise of the Transcendence Leader Coach"

"The Rise of the Transcendence Leader Coach" by Ihab Badawi is your framework to becoming a leader who not only leads but impacts millions to reach excellence. Get ready for a revolutionary ascent that transcends the ordinary, creating a new age of impactful leadership. Welcome to the epicenter of leadership transformation!

Brace yourself for a profound transformation

Your decision to engage with this book is a testament to your dedication to leadership development, showcasing your commitment to self-learning. If you want to lead differently from a state of trust and influence, this book unravels the path to truly nurturing and evolving others to transcend as a leader coach.

Crack the Code of Humancentric Leadership

Demystify the Transcendence Leader-Coach (TLC) framework, stepping away from outdated leadership styles. Embrace change, view adversity as opportunity, and evolve to lead with impact by redefining your approach to leadership and shaping your influence over others. This book is designed to illuminate the intricacies of human behavior, providing you with a profound understanding that serves as the key to decoding the essence of human-centric leadership. Understand human interaction, hone your ability to lead not just through authority but through a deep comprehension of the individuals you guide. By deciphering the nuances of human behavior, you equip yourself with the tools to create a leadership style that is inherently human-centric, fostering connection, engagement, and lasting impact, and igniting your team’s full potential as a leader, making your team give their all for a better collective outcome.

Harness Your Team’s Collective Wisdom

Learn to cultivate a mindset that encourages collaboration, turning your team into a powerhouse of collective wisdom. Capitalize on the power of many by fostering creativity and innovation driven by curiosity and guided by your coaching. Identify and tap into the unique strengths of each team member and pave the way for heightened collaboration and individual contributions. This involves cultivating a deep understanding of your team's collective wisdom and guiding them towards a shared vision. By leveraging this collective intelligence, you create an environment where every team member is empowered to give their best, fostering a culture of innovation, productivity, and overall success.

Elevate Your Awareness

Imagine leading with heightened awareness and navigating challenges with grace. Master multidimensional awareness and be conscious on the impact of all the elements that surround you in order to make better connections with others and achieve a more focussed decision making.

Confront Real Challenges

Explore the authentic challenges confronted by leaders in an ever-changing global landscape. Arm yourself with a toolkit that not only navigates the complexities of leading behavioral change but also gracefully transcends cultural differences. Do not just adapt to the shifting dynamics but proactively shape and influence them, paving the way for effective leadership in any cultural context.

Conquer the VUCA World

Navigate the unpredictable landscape of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) with confidence. Learn the intricacies of steering through the chaos, emerging as a beacon of stability for your team. Discover the art of supporting your team in effectively navigating the pressures of the VUCA world, fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

"Unlock your leadership potential by
learning from the world's foremost
leadership coach.
Elevate your skills and become
the best leader in the world
under expert guidance."

The Transcendence
Leader Coach Mindset

Just as the author transforms these ordinary words into indispensable principles in coaching, this book will transform you.

The Transcendence Leader Coach Mindset serves as the cornerstone for cultivating resilient and adaptive leadership. By encouraging leaders to focus on possibilities rather than limitations, this mindset empowers them to inspire and motivate their teams effectively. Explore the 6 pillars of the Transcendence Leader-Coach and unlock the leader within you.

Grow your leadership skills faster by staying focused on what matters most

The 16 Competencies:
Unveiling the Essence of Transcendence Leadership

The 16 Competencies embody the essence of Transcendence Leadership, acting as the bedrock for leaders to establish profound connections with their teams, showcase adaptability in their leadership styles, and provide genuine service. At the core of these competencies lies the coach's mindset, forming a robust foundation for leadership that transcends challenges. Grouped into 4 clusters, these competencies collectively shape the Transcendence Leader Coach (TLC) who stands prepared to navigate any obstacle.

Step Into Your Untapped Potential as a Neo Leader

Your Journey to Transcendence Leadership Coaching

Leadership is an ever-evolving art. This book invites you to evolve at the perfect pace, supporting those around you. The Transcendence Leader Coach approach reshapes organizational culture, bringing forth engagement, fulfillment, and revolutionary innovations.

Witness the TLC
Approach in Action

Embark on a fascinating journey delving into the transformative TLC Approach in Action, compiled from extensive research spanning 58 countries over 22 years, promising a rich tapestry of insights and global perspectives. Immerse yourself in the author's multi-continental journey as he not only adopts coaching in leadership but showcases its powerful impact on diverse leadership styles across various cultures. Experience firsthand the profound shift as coaching becomes the catalyst for a cultural transformation, fostering an environment of meaningful conversations and unleashing waves of positive change.

A Leadership Approach that Inspires

The TLC framework empowers individuals, organizations, and society. It cultivates a coaching culture, promoting empathetic communication, curiosity, and authentic inquiry. Discover how this approach attracts positive catalysts of change, ensuring lasting impact. Picture a workplace infused with a coaching culture, where every interaction embodies empathetic communication, curiosity, and authentic inquiry. Explore how this approach creates a ripple effect that resonates across individuals, organizations, and society. Uncover the profound impact of the TLC framework, where inspiration meets actionable strategies, leaving an permanent mark on the way you lead and connect.

Transform Challenges into Opportunities

"The Rise of the Transcendence Leader Coach" is your manual to turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Dive into the art of leveraging collective wisdom, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and propelling your team toward transformative leadership. Discover the profound impact of building trust, influencing minds, and harnessing the potential of each team member. This impactful guidebook will lead you to embracing a leadership approach that not only transforms your team but also enables you to leverage their diverse strengths for collective success.


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