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I am Ihab Badawi,
you can call me IB

Here’s My Take on The Road Less Traveled!

Before I begin, I must tell you…
This is not a typical inspirational story.

My journey is a blueprint for those hungry for success. I had a nurturing upbringing that taught me the values that would guide my way, setting the stage for me to become the person I am today.
In my university years, life seemed to offer everything one could want. However, in the middle of the external enjoyment, a growing sense of emptiness began to creep in. The fun wasn’t enough, and I started questioning the deeper meaning of my life, asking what’s next?…

For the first time I felt like I had everything everyone wanted, but nothing I wanted.

My father’s success in trading and real estate made him an idol to me. Having gone through hardship and made his way to achieve immense success. The skills I saw in him from networking to making connections inspired me, so I started my own personal development path, guided. Choosing the road less traveled, I ventured into courses outside my major, delving into the intricacies of human behavior. This brought me closer to my father and resulted in connection and exposure.

If you do not have a mentor…

Find one!

After graduating, I confronted a pivotal decision: whether to step into the family business, pursue a lucrative multinational job, or go for a low-paying position rich in connections. Fueled by a hunger for knowledge and a desire to carve my distinct path, I sought guidance from my mentor. The family business lacked the challenge I sought, pushing me to opt for the low-paying job which promised extensive learning and connections.

Choosing personal growth over quick financial gains was more fulfilling than


During my time in this position, I worked with syndicates and NGOs. I was barely 20 years old and already dealing with the World Bank and European Commissions to improve industries across Lebanon.

After two years in my position, during which I amassed valuable experience and cultivated numerous connections, I found myself presented with nine compelling job offers. Among them, one opportunity particularly intrigued me as it offered me the chance to tackle significant financial challenges at a prestigious company. Staying true to my convictions, I opted for this path, driven by my belief in the brand’s potential for resurgence.
When I left, the company was making double digit growth in revenue and bottom line.

During this time, my leadership skills started building with every challenge.

Networking paved my path into the corporate realm, propelling my ascent in leadership roles. Along this journey, I gained invaluable insights into various leadership styles, discerning between effective and ineffective approaches.
Encountering managers whose leadership instilled doubt due to their reliance on ego and fear, I realized the critical importance of authentic, inspiring leadership.
Despite my accomplishments across 58 countries, witnessing numerous managers succumb to misguided leadership spurred me on a quest to uncover the optimal leadership approach.
Despite scaling the heights of success, from humble beginnings in door-to-door sales to achieving the role of Chief Business Operations, I found that true fulfillment remained elusive.

I really believed in something enough for me to

create the opportunity and grab it.

Thriving in the corporate world, I ascended through the ranks, from door-to-door sales to roles like Chief Commercial Officer and VP of business operations. Yet, success in the corporate realm was not enough, it seemed like I had a higher calling. The trigger came when one of the fellow directors once entered by office, having been in a disastrous meeting, where he was blamed for the mistakes of someone else, and started repeating the question “Where is my equity?”
Self-reflection and a meeting with my mentor led to a decision to transition away from the corporate world. Right when I was offered the position of CCO, I resigned.

You can always do more
than what you think you can.

In a defining moment of self-discovery, I realized my human-centric approach led to the immense success of companies around the globe. A profound awakening compelled me to redefine my purpose, redirecting my path toward a different mission. My newfound passion wasn't confined to boardrooms and sales pitches. It found its true calling in the pursuit of building new leaders…

This realization marked a vision that went beyond the conventional career paths. It was an affirmation of my commitment to contribute to a world where leadership is synonymous with compassion, empathy, and the relentless pursuit of personal and collective growth.

When you have an intuition, believe in it, follow it, and learn the skills to empower it.

Leaving the corporate world was a venture proving that purpose-driven work can outshine conventional success. In this evolution, the empowerment of individuals to embrace leadership not just as a role but as a way of life. My consultancy skyrocketed, matching and surpassing my potential salary as CCO by 60% just 15 days after I resigned. The vision of impacting millions became my guiding light.
The vision became clearer, prompting me to leave a successful business with a $3 million yearly revenue to align with my evolving purpose.
And lastly, embarking on a journey as an international author, I want to share my experiences to spread a transformative message and inspire others. This continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth, resilience in the face of challenges, and commitment to living a purpose-driven life define my ongoing story.

My vision is to impact 1 billion people by empowering Service-Based Entrepreneurs into ambassadors of transformative leadership that leads to success.

Today, I imagine a world where the positive influence of one million professionals is passed to one billion individuals. It’s a vision that centers on the belief that leadership, in its truest essence, is a force for good, and an instrument of empowerment. 

I find immense fulfillment in providing support and witnessing the remarkable journeys of individuals as they carve their unique paths toward success.


First you succeed through passion,
then the numbers will roll.

They will tell you it's risky!

They will try to fog your mind with skepticism


I made unconventional career choices

I took the road less traveled

& turned my back to the pinnacle of corporate success

Right when I was about to rise to the top of the pyramid


To be right beside everyone in the ascent

Own Earning Power isn’t just about individual triumph

it’s about rising collectively by lifting others

Youth Initiative
Youth Leadership Academy

The Youth Leadership Academy stands as a specialized platform dedicated to fostering leadership skills among the youth, serving as a guiding beacon for leadership development.
With a specific vision to contribute to the creation of Nations of Leaders, starting from the MENA region and expanding worldwide, the academy is committed to empowering students to become effective leaders.

The academy firmly believes in instilling confidence in students and shaping their perspective on leadership as a powerful tool for positive impact.
The leadership programs at YLA are carefully crafted to cultivate a sense of confidence, offering students a perspective where leadership becomes a pathway to significant life accomplishments, a source of personal empowerment, a tool for clearer vision, and a starting point for meaningful community service.
The mission of YLA is to complement the academic system by focusing on shaping the personality traits of the youth, fostering a leadership mindset, and developing essential skills and competencies that will guide them toward a successful and impactful future.

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