Now is the time to start a new journey in your life with an official Certification Coaching Training that will have a positive impact on so many levels


Shape up your personal and professional path in the most holistic techniques
by unlocking your full potential

With Mastermind Coaching Course and Coaching Program, you will be able to build up your own self and learn the right techniques and tools to become a Master Certified Coach, improving your life and the life of others along the way. With this experience at hands, you will stand out from the competition and have the ability to transform your skills and monetize them to build a business of your own or better yet, transform your own current businesses into a forward thinking environment by maximizing its potential.

The journey of Mastermind Training Academy includes different coaching segments to bring out the best in yourself, sessions on how to properly invest in yourself and most importantly helps you discover your real path in life. With our certified training, you will be given the chance to become an Entrepreneur in Human Development and to help others find their own path in life as well. It’s time for a change and for personal development.

The Inner Journey and Edge of Balance

This mastermind is designed to support those who want to be among the successful few who know where they are heading and how to reach there, above all, to be among those who are experiencing fulfillment and abundance on their path to reach their life purpose. During this mastermind, should you choose to join, you will be taking daring trip of self discovery. Breaking exiting norms and beliefs to rebuild new ones that you choose to show up with in the world. This mastermind is designed to give you the chance to design the life you want to have, map the path you need to take to reach there and identify the strengths and assets you have to mobilize for your journey. 

Impacting Millions

It is the age of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. You can now build on your experience, share, inspire and impact millions while generating unlimited wealth from it. The world is witnessing an awakening in the working environment whereby people have found out the virtues of breaking from fixed working hours and limited income. The Mastermind is also for existing entrepreneurs who are looking at how they can develop their business and re-launch and fast track their business by attracting more clients.

The Mentor

The Mentor program is a Mastermind that includes fast track knowledge sharing with other like minded people and individual support. The Mentor program is lead by Ihab with an aim to strengthen leadership, improve performance, increase confidence, drive more effective management methods and offer greater insights on handling key business challenges. This program will help you gain new experience in a fast period of time, test ideas, reflect and plan your own path while being challenged to maximize your potential.



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